When was the last time you sent a handwritten card with a heartwarming simple message to someone special?

It doesn't have to be a birthday, anniversary or promotion. It can be just because I miss you, I'm thinking of you with love and kindness and being mindful of how important relationships are in life. The sentiment is how you made them feel, especially in these unprecedented times! Let's cultivate the human spirit by connecting and reaching out to one another in a genuine and humble way.

It only takes a few minutes to reach out and connect with that special friend or relative by sending them a genuine card that will thrill them knowing that you are thinking of them and took the time to do just that! There is a card for every person in your life. It only takes a minute to order it or I can send it for you. It's that simple!

With gratitude we have the power to embrace each other and make our world a better place!


May 8, 2022 - Mother's Day    |   

June 19, 2022 - Father's Day    |   

July 24, 2022 - Parents' Day

Our Products

My Angel cards are 4 ¼" x 5 ½" with an embossed Angel. They are simple, yet elegantly designed on classic crest white premium paper with thermography artwork wrapped with a border of small hearts that you can feel with the stroke of your hand! And yes, all my Angels have a heart!

The cards are accompanied with a deluxe white premium gallery envelope.

My Angel Cards come with different local and regional themes and the artwork is copy written and I have exclusive rights over the entire concept. Mom Angel Card comes in English, Spanish and Hindi. I plan to add new languages in the near future.

Fly My ANGEL a Card... Just because I'm thinking of you!

Why not pair up your Angel card with a little something. Chocolate kisses! A perfect way to sweeten her/his day! Or a cozy cup of freshly brewed tea! Keep it traditional!

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About Fly me an angel ®

I wanted to reach out to the people in my life and do something extraordinary yet simplistic. Hence I tapped into my passion of making Angel cards with a simple heartfelt poem. I poured my heart into it to touch that of the angels in my life. My poems and angel figures are original and unique. The sentimental value this brings to the human spirit is invaluable.

In this age of texting, tweeting and 'connecting' online, I feel we are losing the human connection. There is something magical about physically sending out cards to those we love and to those who have touched our lives. Agreed we are busy as ever but we need to actions and keepsake gestures to strengthen our bonds. Reach out and connect or reconnect with that someone! I would love to hear from you, share your story with us... Flat FREE* shipping within the U.S. (*only for Angel Cards)

Client Testimonials

   Finding the right Mother's Day gift for my mom has been getting tougher over the years. Even though I have moved away, I still call her up at least once a week. But my life is so full and she too has so many things to occupy her- keeping up to date is tough. This year I was really stuck for the right Mother’s day present until I found Fly Me An Angel. They have great Mother’s Day gifts – fantastic chocolates, honeys and more. Stuff that I know mom will not get for herself. Even more important, they have a huge selection of cards to accompany the gift. These are not cookie cutter print outs. They are real cards that convey real emotions. Exactly the right way to tell mom how much I love her.    

    The person I miss most in my otherwise happy life is my daughter. We have always been so close. It was hard when she moved out to another town to begin her career. We do stay in touch but I don’t want to pester her – I know how busy she is. One thing she never forgets is Mother’s Day. Her gifts are always thoughtful and make me so happy. This year I knew she was travelling and didn’t expect too much – I know what its like to be rushed off your feet. But I got the best Mother’s Day gift I have received in years. My Daughter sent me the most perfect chocolates from Fly Me An Angel. Even better, there was the most beautiful card. It wasn’t the usual kind of thing you find online. This was a real card that had been created with a lot of thought and understanding by people who know that what a card says is more than just a message – it is an emotion. The fact that the card is handmade makes it even more special. The chocolate was out of this world – not the kind of stuff you find in stores. This was something special.The car and chocolates showed me how much my daughter cares for me and they really made the day for me.    

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